Serving all of the Hawaiian Islands

Serving all of the Hawaiian Islands


First Quality Services

Types of Installation

  Engineered & DOH-approved Individual Wastewater Systems (IWS)   Septic systems
  Septic system design and installation   Fiberglass septic tanks
  Aerobic treatment units (ATU's)   Cement septic tanks
  Chemical treatment   Seepage pits
  Home buyer's septic / cesspool inspection   Leach fields
  Video camera inspection   Bio-diffusers
  Complete design and percolation testing   Lift stations
  Septic tank repair   Infiltrator systems
  Pumping septic systems / cesspools   Cesspool closures
      Grease traps / Grease interceptors
      Drip systems / Evapotranspiration fields (ET fields)


Click through the following slideshows to see projects representative of the services provided by First Quality.

 Residential Wastewater Services






Industrial Services